and spread out through the social consumer exhibitions, papers, etc., and performance at the point of sale terminal to promote the progress of Chinese street culture, leading the Chinese street fashion. nike shox current women's "tyrants steps brand director Liulong Yong said that this year will also work with high-end fashion magazine, through activities, events stereo spread, and plans to combine CMCB activities spread nationwide tour to promote the Chinese street culture. 2010 China Sports Goods Standardization Forum held in Jinjiang, Fujian, on the 19th. Stakeholders from across the shoe Standardization Committee and other units as well as some sporting goods companies participate in forums, standardized to enhance the overall level of China's sporting goods industry. Enterprises should overcome the current short-sighted, accelerate the standardization of construction, sporting goods industry to further develop and grow "escort." According to the Secretary-General of the National Standardization Technical Committee footwear Qi Xiaoxia, at present our country involving footwear standards, industry standards totaled 232, of which 80 national standards. Standards of production and quality footwear products increased played a direct role in guiding, in addressing quality complaints, quality disputes, in order to safeguard the interests of consumers and businesses to play an active role in maintaining market order, protect our footwear healthy and stable development. Sporting Goods National Standardization Technical Committee Deputy Secretary-General Unit - Anta (Anta stores) Sports Goods Co., Ltd., since 2005, has participated in sneakers, basketball and volleyball professional sports shoes and other four national standards drafting. Anta said Zhang Tao, vice president of the company, through the improvement and establishment of standardized system, and actively participate in national standardization,

 improved product quality level Anta, standardization work based industries provide a strong technical support. "Standardization is not only a constraint, it is responsibility." Jinjiang shoe Xidelong (Xidelong store) (China) Co., Ltd. President Lin said water tray, with the economic and social development, China sporting goods industry is ushering in an unprecedented development opportunities, sporting goods market needs standardization of "escort." Zhang Tao, etc. Insiders also pointed out that the current sporting goods industry, new materials, new technology changes rapidly, some product standards lag, or part of the business to standardize the degree of attention is not high, to some extent hindered the industry, enterprise development. Meanwhile, due to the international standard tracking system is not perfect, resulting in some enterprises are facing a passive position when subjected to foreign technical barriers to trade. "Enterprises should pay attention to the standardization of construction, attention to R & D and innovation, develop standardized personnel to promote the standardization of enterprise development." Tao said. The forum sponsored by the Jinjiang city government, the National Standardization Technical Committee footwear provide technical support. Fujian Jinjiang sports is an important manufacturing base, with an annual travel nearly one billion pairs of sports shoes, bred Anta, special steps (Xtep stores), 361 degrees, and many other sporting goods companies. Since 2002, Jinjiang City, the cumulative total of 33 companies to participate in 39 national standards and revision, 13 enterprises to participate in 27 industry standard revision. December 2007, Jinjiang was awarded the "National Sports Industry Base" State Sports General Administration. From February 12 to February 28, the Chinese delegation at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada launched Chong Jin trip;

 And that half of the time, it is also the Chinese Olympic Committee partners - Anta, in its 2009-2012 Olympic marketing program in the first critical node - Winter Olympics marketing. During this four-year Olympic cycle complete, Anta Formation and the Chinese Olympic Committee and sports delegation to China very closely related, and enjoy up to 11 international competitions resources. January 18, special steps announced ho throw HK $ 100 million to join  women's nike shox tlx the Premier League Birmingham City Football Club to develop new products, from August 2010 to May 2015, the Birmingham club players will be wearing "BCFC- special step" green jersey surf in the English Premier League field. This is the Chinese sports brand with the world's first direct marriage soccer's top league. As a senior partner Guangzhou Asian Games, 361 ° from the second half of last year put the center of gravity toward a series of promotional marketing preparatory work related to the Guangzhou Asian Games. It is reported that, in June during the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, Li Ning (Li Ning store) will start the 20th anniversary of establishment of the company's major rebranding dissemination activities. ...... Into the "post-Olympic era", China's domestic sports brand dedicated to sports marketing, not with the closing of Beijing (Beijing store) Olympics and receded, major sporting events around the shoe battle for expanded resources, showing worse. Behind the sports marketing boom surging, in essence, rapid warming Chinese sports industry. In the recently held meeting of the National Sports Secretary of the State Sports General Administration, the official said, "Opinions on Accelerating the development of sports industry," has passed the State Council for approval,